Friday, 28 November 2008


There are too many people struggling in this world. Life could be very different, for everyone. If it was possible for everyone to see why they are struggling, then it would be possible for each person to do something about easing the pain themselves. The problem at the root of all this struggling is secrecy. In a civilised world secrecy is seen as what it really is......... ...........................dishonesty! There are so many things hidden from public view, such as secret service departments which are like an octopus's tentacles around the world, the people who hold most of the wealth of the planet but who never declare how much they hold, and a few powerful people with ulterior motives but who hide what they are really trying to do. How can we as a race possibly go forwards, when we have no idea in which direction we are facing. (John Lennon) This so-called financial crisis is nothing more than a crowd of very rich and very powerful people, juggling with some numbers in computers, and succeeding in making chaos out of everyone's lives, so that they can buy up the resultant ruins at fire-damaged prices, and become even more rich, and even more powerful. In a civilised world, this kind of behaviour can no longer be tolerated. If we are to even make a start on becoming a civilised race, we must get rid of all the secrecy. Brave people have tried to do this in the past, and have died for their bravery. But that is because they were too afraid to publicise their own secrecy-disposal ideas. We suggest that the idea of "disposing of secrecy" should become the centre of public debate. We feel sure that the earth provides sufficient for everyone to have a happy life, and if we could get rid of all the secrecy, then we also feel sure that we have sufficient intelligence to make sure that everyone gets a fair shot at a happy life. So let this be the start of a new "Open Secrets" campaign. Let's get the newspapers and TV talking about some of these open secrets. Then we might have half a chance of delving into the closed secrets. What is the truth about UFOs? Do vaccinations really cause autism? Are cell-phones really dangerous? These are the kind of things that the public should know, not have to be guessing at. If everyone reading this takes one step towards opening a secret, then very soon all secrets will be open, and we will be able to see where we really stand. Then we can begin to move forwards - and not before.
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