Monday, 3 October 2011

Help for those knowing they are inside the box yet wanting to get out

We can all remember from long ago the term "Thinking outside the box", and we all knew exactly what was meant. Some took up this policy  more rapidly than others, and we are now receiving reports from those who first thought outside the box, and left it behind, while some still considering the idea.

These pioneers are saying that there are several boxes, one inside the other like Russian Dolls, and it is only on exiting the seventh box that the full view of all seven boxes becomes apparent.

It is suggested that the central box is the largest, and contains a few more people than the other six together. However, with the success of articles like this, more people are thinking outside the box every day, and this thought eventually leads to action. They take a tentative step outside the box, and finding the environs acceptable, every day venture a little further until they are more than half outside the box.

The rest is easy, and so the ratio of those outside to those inside increases. As more people follow your lead, the ratio changes until eventually there are more people outside the box than there are in it.

This is the current situation in the world. Many of those  remaining inside the box belong to the following sects:

1) Those who have no idea what this article is about

2) Most government officials and workers
3) Most academics, engineers, doctors and scientists
4) Almost all politicians and every person in the UN (Those able to get outside left the UN years ago).
6) Most armed forces and police force personnel.
7) Most consultants and lawyers
8) All criminals guilty of crimes against people, animals, or our planet
9)All religious fanatics
10)Those Mentally and physically unable to get outside the box

As discussed above , the central box under scrutiny will very soon become useless, because it is the box intended to contain most people, and as most people have already left, then the central box is just left to decay in its own web of destruction and deceit, with the last few stragglers still shouting into their TV microphones: "It will all be back to normal soon". Right on!
(until the lights go out).

I leave you to ponder a new world where the above list of entities is otherwise occupied or assisted. My next article will discuss such a world.

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