Thursday, 27 October 2011

We don't need banks - we've got computers

Given today's technology, most of today's banking requirements can be satisfied by computer, or cell phone.

For most of us, banking consists of receiving salary, pension or income, transferring funds and paying regular and one-off bills. It is on rare occasions only that we need to speak to a banking person, and probably only a handful of times in a lifetime that we need to visit a bank in person, as long as the ATM machines and Internet Banking are functioning as expected.

So why all the huge expensive buildings?

Why all the thousands of staff?

Why all the inconvenience created by the bureaucracy and delays?

I was taught that the customer is always right, and if the customer was aware of the services the bank should be offering, compared to what they are offering, they must be disgusted with today's banks.

There are several
cell phone systems already in operation whereby a member can transfer funds directly to and receive from other members. The necessary security checks are performed, and if the funds are available right now, then the transfer is instantaneous. Just imagine closing a business deal where you say, "OK I am looking at my account right now, so as soon as you press the button, I will see it, and we will take that as your agreement to our discussions, and go ahead as per contract number xxxxxxxx". Good clean business with no worries about late payment or credit control or bank fees. No delays in funding to get a project going. And no additional expense to anyone, except that we cut out the 'Rothschild Profit'.

It is also a very simple matter to make each account multi-currency, so that currency conversion is done at the time of payment, at the rates agreed by the members.

Compared to this, I have to put up with the following ridiculous inconveniences simply because I will use only an account which has no fees attached to it. It must cost more for  (Your Bank) to impose the restrictions than it would to lift them.

So, here's banking today, 1st November 2011 with (insert your banks name) .

A special arrangement is necessary for (Your Bank) to accept faxes requesting a transfer of funds. (Your Bank) Internet Banking is restricted to paying other lethargic institutions such as electricity companies, or other branches of (Your Bank). (Stop laughing - it's true as of November 2011, and there's more!)

Having made such an arrangement, and not having sent a fax for three months, it suddenly becomes invalid, and only after lengthy and expensive begging phone calls would (Your Bank) reinstate the arrangement. (They are so dim that they seem totally unable to master the use of Skype.)

So now, the fax. When I was in China, it was almost impossible to find a fax machine with an international line, and here in Laos, though possible, it's extremely inconvenient. So my procedure is to send an email to a kind friend in England, who then sends it as a fax to (Your Bank). Wait, don't go yet. Here's the best part.

Within a few minutes of the fax being actioned, (though the fax is  usually un-actioned for a day to allow it to dry out or something), as if by magic, the funds are no longer available in my account, though still showing in the balance - a complete lie - the money has gone somewhere.

Then three working days later (which is maybe seven waiting days when a bank holiday occurs) the transfer is completed, and the money appears in my Asian account. It usually takes about ten days in total from the email to the ATM cash withdrawal, as compared to the possibility of instantaneous action by cell phone. Who's kidding who? And then, if you haven't fallen off your chair laughing yet, not only do they  keep YOUR money for a week, they charge you for the privilege. Hello!!!

Perhaps (Your Bank) and their co-cabalists know something they aren't telling us. Perhaps they feel that there is a very high likelihood that electronic communications might cease to function very soon. Maybe they believe that the
passage through the tail of the so-called comet Elenin will take down the satellites.
Maybe they believe that the rapid approach of the tenth planet X will send all electromagnetic equipment into a spin. Maybe they believe  comet YU55 is about to strike the earth  and cause the kind of catastrophe that ended the dinosaur dynasty. Maybe that have a plan to use their HAARP machine to create bedlam.   Or maybe they have surrendered, and realise that the banking dynasty headed by The House of Rothschild -------- is at its end.

I am very interested in your comments on these thoughts

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