Friday, 10 April 2009

Secrets, computer security and character traits.

When computers were first built, they were so difficult to get started that no-one was ever concerned about data being stolen. No two computers were completely compatible, so there was no telephone communication between computers and most computers were so slow that a skilful abacus operator could almost beat them. Then as operating systems became more standard, and mass computing began under Windows, there came a problem within the computer industry of companies stealing each other's software. This was the first call for computer security beyond the use of passwords. Now look what we have today. A huge percentage of the world's computing effort is involved with computer security. Why is any of it necessary? What are all these secrets that everybody wants to keep? The simple answer is fear. It starts with the governments, who at some time or other started some kind of secret service, and now it is so huge, and so secret, that it is completely out of control. There are so many branches hiding true information and producing false information, that no-one in the world knows what is true, and what is false. So we have a world full of people, most of whom have a belief system based on the imagination of some computer geek in Langley. It's high time that something was done to put this right. In today's so called civilised world, we shouldn't be squabbling over the last vestiges of the earth's resources, we should be far more united and compassionate than that. We should smooth over these huge barriers between countries, and slowly allow all the border control requirements to subside, and allow the world population to complete is natural migrations. The reasons for one kind of people being in one particular place at one particular time are far beyond the understanding of man, with or without computers and their security. I wonder when it was that computers became deified. Probably quite soon after money. The best thing that can possibly be done with all this stimulus money that the IMF has so miraculously produced from nowhere, is to provide for a comfortable retirement for all secret service operatives, world wide. Then there would be no secrets, and then we wouldn't all have to spend half our lives trying to remember the name of the last dog but two, because we once used it as a password. But here we have an excellent opportunity for a lesson. If we find that there is some information in our computer that we do not want others to know about, then our first question should be "Why don't I want anybody to know about it?". If it's dirty pictures, it's far less obtrusive than last century's piles of Penthouses under every teenagers bed, so why not share them. If it's information about someone else, then aren't you perpetrating what you are afraid of. If it's information about you, then do you feel guilty or embarrassed. Please answer your own questions honestly, and you will soon find the next character trait that needs working on.
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