Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Political flu

A serious epidemic of politicians has come to light, with every country having several hundred people infected. It has been decided that they should all be quarantined for a minimum of five years, during which time the earth's problems are expected to be entirely solved. It is believed that all earth's problems have been created by a disease to which politicians are susceptible. (Corruptus politicanus: A serious disease affecting one on fifteen thousand people in England). It is these mentally-infected people who control the military and secret services which are also known to suffer from a variant of the same disease, displayed by their particularly warped and mischievous symptoms. Let's just try to follow the latest demonstration of insanity, due to corruptus politicanus. Fact A new way of detecting flu was being tested in Mexico by the USAF, and suddenly, totally by surprise, the scientists detected a type of flu that has never been detected before - the deadly H1N1. The process used to detect this type of flu must have been rapidly disseminated to hospitals around the world, otherwise it would be impossible to collect any data at all. There is no way could the doctors have known about H1N1 before March of this year, because the so-called first case has been traced to a little boy in Mexico who spent 3 days in bed in March, and then felt OK. Of the original 80 people who are said to have been affected by swine flu, only one had a mucous sample available - the same 5 year old boy. whose mucous was collected by a new doctor. When interviewed about swine flu, she just laughed. In fact there are no sensible statistics for influenza. It is such a common illness that most people treat themselves, and never become a statistic. Also they very rarely, if ever, die from influenza when self treating. A couple of days in bed, and all's well. It's usually the hospital cases that die. However if we were to just try to guestimate the numbers of people who catch flu, every day, we can see that 80 folk in Mexico is more like a fart in the ocean than an epidemic. But this has become an excuse to continue to use this unproven test, and surprise surprise, flu patients turn up all over the world. A few ways to beat this epidemic: 1)Turn off the TV. You've had quite enough bullshit for one lifetime. 2)Cancel the newspapers. The cost of toilet tissue is more affordable, and far more comfortable. 3)Stay away from hospitals, doctors, and anyone who insists on watching TV 4)Find a beautiful spot somewhere away from the cities, where there is fresh clean water, and some fertile land. 5)Build a simple house, and a simple life, devoid of political pleas for support. 6)Invite a few friends to create their own community with you, with their own rules, but don't call the village Mai Lai. 7)Stay out of the places where people might be infected by a politician's imagination, or with TVitus 8)Contact me after 2012, when your permaculture farm has flourished, and your house is powered by free energy. 
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