Sunday, 12 April 2009

"The Limits of my Mind"

I came across this short essay, and thought you might be interested. Its called "The Limits of my Mind" Some people are cleverer than me, and some are less clever, but everyone has limits to their mind - my mind is not infinite. The boundary between my mind and my spirit is unclear, with my subconscious having the task of clarifying, and being the translator and negotiator between my mind and my spirit. If I can dig into my sub-conscious, and clear out the pathways that lead towards my spirit, then I can have an infinite mind. Learning this would undoubtedly be a better form of education than sitting on my arse in a classroom with stacks of other kids looking at boring books, and listening to boring people drone on all day. This was in fact not the form of education that was given to our greatest ever teachers. In those days, interested people would gather on some mountain or other, to listen to a wise man speak. A bit like today's rock concerts really! And we all know that a rock concert is far more fun than school. I wonder why it is that these brain-dead adults insist that we all go through this ridiculously pointless torture. The things that we learn at school that are of any benefit to life could easily be learned at home. And while being at home, we would learn far more about life than we would ever learn in fifty years of school. Schools were originally designed to prepare children for adulthood, but now they are used to prepare adults to behave like children. The ridiculous things that the stupid teachers do without ever thinking or noticing the dozen or so signs that the students are showing are worse than visitors to a zoo. Here is the curriculum for teachers next few minutes of speed learning. Teachers. People who can't do, so they teach. Military. A handful of demented people who like playing war games. Terrorists. Secret service in disguise. Medicine. A way of killing you early. Cancer cures have been available for well over 20 years - vaccination is a complete hoax. Schools. A healthy teenager should never be sat on his arse all day - who's running this world? Sport. A way of making sure I don't do much speed learning. Food. A way of delegating the pleasures of food-growing and preparation to some puffs and clowns on the tele. Entertainment. A way of guaranteeing that my spirit and my body never meet. Going to work. Proof that slavery never ended. Reality. Something that other people are unaware off. That's enough speed learning for today. Back to school/work tomorrow! It seems to me that most of the people who relish the idea of making my life's decisions for me, don't consider me very much in their thinking. It is for this reason that I have decided to make my decisions myself and I hereby resign my nationality, and all memberships of any organisations that want to run my life. Up yours!
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