Thursday, 9 April 2009

Living in real time

When we begin to live in real time, we will often appear to be crazy to those who are still living in dreamland, and actually are crazy. Of course, in real time, time itself has far less significance than it does in dreamland. Vibrations become far more significant than time. We are far more aware of what we feel like.. As the joke in our family used to run - Mother: "I feel like a cup of tea" - Father: "You don't look like one". Of course if we are going with the flow, which is what we are all trying to do, then we need to be aware of several things. The first thing we need to know is which way the flow goes, and the second thing to know is which way we are facing - it might be necessary to turn around. But having got those two fundamentals right, we still have more to do. As we lazily float along in our paradisic world, with time to smell the roses and experience everything that is happening around us, there are various obstacles that seem to be attracted to our position. The floating log that might capsize the boat, the overhanging branch that will be dangerous if we don't keep our heads down, the weather forecast, the lack of food storage, and a wide variety of fears and creations. All creations. Creations of our own mind. We really do underestimate our own magical personalities. We've all heard stories about "You make your own life" but few of us have considered the deepest meaning of that. When we consider what a life is, we realise that it is a series of decisions, with linking actions. We make decisions hundreds of time per day. What shall I have for dinner, who can I call now, What shall I wear - non-stop decisions. If any one decision goes one way instead of the other, then a portion of our life will have a different experience. As a result, we are never the same person again. Every single decision is literally vital. How much sugar in my coffee, shall I play with the kids, I must get some peace and quiet, I'm hungry, what time is it? It never stops. We never stop building our lives. If we want a better life, it is very easy. All we have to do is to make better decisions. And to do that all we have to do is to become better informed. Being better informed makes for better decisions. The better our decisions, the better our life becomes. So we have to gain several steps in increased ability. 1 - the ability to make decisions. 2 - the ability to critically observe the results of our decisions, in order that we may improve our decision making. (Most people are stuck on this bit). We decide to do something, and something unexpected happens, and we never relate the two, so we never learn. We have to gain the ability to observe the results of our decisions. And that is not easy, and learning this grows into a very self-critical and self-advancing process. Just to learn to regularly ask ourselves: "Is what I am about to do or say kind and helpful? Is this being done out of love?" and then making our decision, we will invariably find that our lives takes a turn for the better. It's only natural for it to do so.
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