Wednesday, 24 July 2013

How sunshine assists transition

Let's start with a fun video.
Bring me sunshine, bring me love.
A Morecambe and Wise Show finale.

Continuing with the five necessary elements of life, today's topic is sunshine. Our final topic in this series will be Love. 


The kind of light found in full daylight helps endurance and strengthens immunity. Photobiologists say " the full-spectrum light of Sunlight  is required for both physical and mental health, muscle strength, civilized behavior, energy and learning".

Sunlight is essential for all living organisms. The book Nuclear Evolution - The Rainbow Body, written in 1972 by Christopher Hills shows scientifically how sunlight vibrations are absorbed by the body and directed by the mitochondria into the seven major chakras, the energy centres that drive material life.


Some people have never had the opportunity to learn about the chakras, as this knowledge is unfortunately not taught by the medical schools or high schools. Chakras do exist, they can be measured scientifically, or even with a simple pendulum. The omission of the relevance of chakras from our knowledge of life is the foundation of many errors of thought in both medicine and spiritual understanding. Many people accept that acupuncture is a valid treatment. It is based on manipulating the meridians that emanate from the chakras. Psychic healers manipulate the chakras to improve health. For more info on chakras, see:

But we don't need to be a scientist or a doctor to be aware of the benefits of sunlight. Our mood is always better when the sun is shining. Most of our fun occurs when the sun is shining. Clothes aired in sunlight always feel and smell better than machine dried clothes.

Scott M. Auerbach, a theoretical chemist at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst offers a more detailed answer:

"Light from the sun excites electrons in the atoms which constitute the brick wall. How does that electronic energy get converted to heat, you ask. The key is 'radiationless transitions.' Here's how it works: the atoms of the brick are perpetually vibrating (Hermes Principle 3). Some of those atoms vibrate sufficiently vigorously that their vibrational energy is roughly equal to the electronic energy (photons) absorbed from the sun--in essence, they are in resonance with the solar energy. Those atoms then make a quantum transition from 'electronically excited' to 'vibrationally excited,' meaning that the energy causes the whole atom to move. We feel that motion as "heat." The atoms which make the jump to vibrational excitation soon collide into neighboring atoms, dissipating their vibrational energy throughout the entire brick, making the brick hot throughout."

Excessive sunlight

We know that excessive sunlight causes problems, but insufficient causes even greater problems. Viruses and infectious organisms like E.coli do not do thrive when exposed to the ultraviolet light of the sun.

Who is more foolish, the child afraid of the dark or the man afraid of the light?  ~Maurice Freehill

Try doing an Aum session at sunrise, and see how much your life improves.

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