Sunday, 4 August 2013

Are you slowing your child's transition?

Transition is the term given to the current evolvement of planet earth
as she progresses out of The Modern Era, and into The Era of Love, and includes human transition as the species releases its fear and learns how to love, in line with Mother Earth. 

There are still some people who question that a transition is taking place and of course they are entitled to stick to  their own opinion, but this non-transitional opinion also influences their children. Those people still hoping for things to stay the same, or better still hoping for the old days to return, could read back over the last couple of years blogs, and somewhere I hope you will find an approach to the topic that helps you to clear up any doubts about things changing. Please don't encourage your children to believe that everything will remain the same as it is today.
We all heard the stories of "The End Of The World" that the skeptics liked to talk about, and we even saw it in Hollywood productions, but the end of the world idea was no more than a figment of some close-minded individuals imagination.
A brief study of science shows that the predicted planetary alignment last December did actually take place. Also, by knowing that all-there-is is one single multifaceted organism,  we can easily be able to put two and two together to surmise that such a significant change in vibrational forces will eventually have some effects on our material existence. Additionally, by knowing that all change commences undetected in the spiritual world and gradually filters downwards to the material world where we can weigh and measure it, we could be looking for signs of the change, as opposed to considering the changes we do see as some sort of deranged side show.

This transition is obvious to so many people that amazement occurs when they come across a  group of unaware people. Unaware people tend to stick together, to support each other's unawareness.

We hope this series helps our readers to latch on to the transition idea, and gives some help through times that are likely to be troublesome to many, especially if they are unaware of what is happening.

If we cast our mind forwards to the future, when our children are say twelve years older than now, there is a strong probability that everyone and everything will have adopted a completely different understanding of reality in the same way that occurred when knowledge that the earth was not flat became publicly known, and as a result, all-there-was will no longer be of any benefit. By trying to cling to the past, and talking and teaching the past, we are stunting not only our own evolution, but also that of our children. Try to think what a pleasure life will be when the governments have gone, the banks have gone, and the stupidity that they drag around with them has gone too, and we have reorganized into local self-sufficient units.

Words like corruption, elite, conspiracy theorist, and Illuminati will be abandoned. The old style history classes will not be required because very few will remain interested in how it used to be.

The absolute awe of the new here-and-now will overcome any desire or need to study other people's ideas, so schools as we know them will be abandoned too. Science must also take on a different role and will concentrate on  finding out how "all-there-is" uses nature to do what she does. In fact all productive research will be based on finding out how nature does what she does. Scientists will understand that nature is so much more powerful than man, and so will cease doing experiments which attempt to thwart nature and instead they will be doing experiments which seek to help and be in line with nature. Soon, even scientist will understand unconditional love. Life is just so much easier when everyone is going with the flow of nature, instead of the flow of politics and money.

Man and his child will understand unconditional love quite soon.
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