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Objectives Explained to Avoid Trauma

I would like to explain my objectives.

I have been fortunate to have gradually adopted a different way of thinking  over almost twenty years now. Of course I changed only because I found serious flaws in the previous way of thinking, which I will call "standard UK thought".

In fact, standard UK thought is not really that different to standard US or any other westernised country thought when we consider the colossal gap between standard thought and rectified thought.

My problem is that I suffered some amount of trauma when I realised that I had been thinking wrongly for so many years, and I know that most of my friends still have to go through this trauma if they are ever to maintain full mental and spiritual health on this ever evolving planet.

As soon as one of the basic differences in thought  is pointed out to us, we realise it is true. Yet we still manage to live our lives by sliding around this truth, which is that we are tripartite beings - mind, body and spirit, commencing with spirit! Spirit is not generally recognised by science, academia or government, and this is the root of the flawed thinking. We all know some kind of spirit exists (team spirit, high spirits etc.) and we have all received the message from our ancient prophets and messengers, yet somehow we fail to utilise this knowledge in the foundations of our personal belief system.

However, when we begin to seriously consider the ramifications of this truth, we bring up all sorts of emotions that are difficult for us to handle. What I am trying to do is to ease my friends through the trauma before it really sets in.

If I was to have discovered  simultaneously ALL the differences  that have become apparent to me over the last twenty years (since I left UK) , I feel sure I would have truly lost it. I was very lucky to be in the right places at the right times, and now I understand completely why this was so. It is so for everyone, because there is no other place or time that we can be present in any one moment.

If I was to summarise the effect of each of my discoveries, I would say that each one became a factor in connecting more dots, until eventually all the dots become connected in a tight network of infinite thought. Because of this, it becomes very easy to see when something doesn't fit into the network, or matrix, making shortfall or erroneous thinking become obvious.

Anther summary would be to say that the people whom the mainstream consider to be way-out-there are mostly the people who know already. And these 'extremists'  know that they are all connected to each other, irrelevant of race, creed, politics or religion. They also know that they are connected to all others, and that the others don't know yet. When the others reorganise their personal matrix so that it fits in with the total matrix, then they will know. A different and more refined form of knowing becomes available.

Please consider the information below before rejection. It is taken from my web sites.
I include a hundred-year-old quote from one of my favourite authors, Yogi Ramacharaka, otherwise known as William Walker Atkinson (1862-1932).

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What is Enlightenment?

Explanation of enlightenment or self actualisation

by David West

The movement of a soul's centre from the personal view to the world view.

"All who have experienced this illumination, even in a faint degree, recognize the like experience in the tale, song, or preaching of another, though centuries may roll between them. It is the song of the Soul,which when once heard is never forgotten. Though it be sounded by the crude instrument of the semi-barbarous races or the finished instrument of the talented musician of to-day, its strains are plainly recognized. From Old Egypt comes the song - from India in all ages  - from Ancient Greece and Rome  - from the early Christian saint - from the Quaker Friend - from the Catholic monasteries  - from the Mohammedan mosque - from the Chinese philosopher - from the legends of the American Indian hero-prophet - it is always the same strain, and it is swelling louder and louder, as many more are taking it up and adding their voices or the sounds of their instruments to the grand chorus." (Yogi Ramacharaka - William Walker Atkinson (1862-1932))

The above words were written over 100 years ago, during an earlier age of enlightenment, when eastern philosophy was being discovered by western philosophers, and much new thought was being created in both hemispheres.
As communication was beginning to open up through ships and roads, canals and rail, it became possible for thinkers to discover other like-minded people - who appeared to be adhering to some unwritten and unuttered new concept upon which they all agreed. They had known this concept all along, but had never consciously examined it due to other ideas which got in the way. Like many things, we know ABOUT them, but the true meaning never really sinks in on all levels until we experience the concept personally. Once that has occurred, we wonder at the futility of everyone's daily activity, like a beehive organised by a psychotic queen bee, with each bee thinking he's only the bees' knees.
We have been fed much trivia and many untruths since the day of our current incarnation, and our task is to find our way through the untruths. Once we do, we may feel disappointed at the way that we and our associates had been hoaxed so often, and we remain disappointed that our colleagues are still hoaxed. But then we realise that is the way it has to be, because that is the way it is.

Twas Meant To Be.
Enlightenment requires no learning as it is within all of us - what is required is that we utterly dispose of all dogma, stigma and belief in unproven ideas. Man's mind is incapable of reaching total truth.

And something from recent times

The following article was in Sunday Family Humour's first attempt at a serious Newsweek in 2010.

High level British Secret Service operative

James Casbalt was a high level British Secret Service operative,
and reveals some of the inner workings.

He refers to places and phone numbers in the UK
which can be used to verify the story.

".....This begs the question, are these creatures some kind of strange human-animal hybrid or other military genetic creations that were carried on from the Nazi genetic manipulation work? Or, are they extra-terrestrial beings from different planets and star systems? The simple answer is both. My colleagues and I have witnessed and communicated with these beings up close and personal.

For a greater understanding of the ET situation on this planet, it is
important to understand that the upper levels of the German Nazi
government, the US government, and the British government were not only aware of ETs at the time of the Second World War, but were actively working alongside them - this had been going even before the Second World War in the 1930's.
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