Friday, 31 May 2013


Project Camelot does it again.
Erin Rothschild
A Rothschild speaks out
What a revelation!
This lady speaks out about a life as one of the Rothschild's, and you will find much of it unbelievable, unless you are already aware of the power held by this family. This might be the wake up call that many have been waiting for.

Many who witness this video will probably want to press their belief system reset button, because all the research that has been reported but considered to be "out there", and more, is confirmed here. One certainly must begin to fear for her safety.

How is a Rothschild made?
Apparently they live in a different dimension.
They hold foetuses in suspension until needed.
They turn test tube babies into Rothschild's in Area 51.
Her first minder and "grandfather" was Josef Mengele.Neither  she nor her father have ever seen their birth certificates. They have been regressed to a foetal age several times.They are time travellers.
She is 50% ET. 

She was in the Pentagon and the White House at age 4.
She was raped by a group of high-ups in the Pentagon at age 4.

She has forgiven the Rothschild's for all the torturing. She acknowledges being half reptilian.
She has seen ritual sacrifices of children inside the Vatican. She says The Vatican is the worst place in the world. 

She says that Obama serves the "service-to-self" (see 'The Law of One') reptilians well, but that most reptilians are service-to-others, and are kind to all. 

There are more kind ETs than unkind ETs. She is aware of the Anunnaki and Nibiru. MJ12, Majestic twelve, has twelve members because there are twelve basic alien races.

She was programmed as a dual personality by the Monarch system, and became promiscuous with military men. She says the Nazi influence is heavy in the Rothschild family (Fourth Reich).


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