Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Happy Travelling - A Journey of the Mind

Stuck in a time window
Stuck in a time window
Have you ever felt like you are stuck in a time window or time warp?. Where everything stays the same and nothing changes. Same thing every day, as if time is standing still. 

Scientifically we know that not even the rocks and mountains stand still or stay the same, so we know  a period of sameness usually indicates the calm before the storm.

We might be bored, or just feeling there is nothing worthwhile to do, but this feeling and lack of pressure gives us space and time for preparation. What is coming up is a life change, and when we look back it will appear as if an unimaginably different person has been reincarnated into the same body. The changes will be almost complete.

I believe it's all about karma, our own and other people's. I interpret karma as a kind of magnetic direction finder. Karma is the creator of events. It might sometimes appear that an event such as a music concert has been created by humans, but it was their karma that caused them to create the event, and your karma that caused you to be there.

So if your karma has created a space for you, and given you the time to be bored, then that can be considered as a kind of progression. You have progressed to another cross-roads, and will soon have a choice of roads.

I like to use to these periods to clear out all those things that have been left hanging over, and get everything up to date. This makes for easier travelling when everything begins to change. We might not be going anywhere with our body, but if we are prepared for a journey of the mind, we will relieve ourselves of much stress and trauma.

Happy travelling

(before the net comes down)
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