Friday, 11 March 2011

The world is run on your charity

One of the most dramatic reductions of activity during a financial squeeze is charity. When donors become less confident with their economy, then they feel  less able to give.

Ever since the start of the industrial revolution, labourers have been charitably giving their energy for a pittance in return. There will not be many labourers reading this, but I reckon at least one plasterer, one tree surgeon, one ex-policeman, one ex-CIA man, one journalist, several school teachers, one taxi-driver, one professor, one hippie, one web site builder, one tour guide, one masseuse, one house-wife, one nurse, one chiropracter (nearest I've been to Egypt), one magasine editor, one car mechanic, one navy seal, one professional student, one permaculturist, one consultant, one scientist, one doctor, one walking-stick manufacturer, one horticulturist, several bloggers, one musician, one butler, one drug dealer, one criminal, one librarian, one personal assistant, one photographer, one interpreter, one pilot, one motor-rally organiser, one headmaster, one artist, one taichi coach, one professional traveller, several mothers, one house-husband, one tattooist, one salesman, one golf fanatic, one F1 fanatic, one farmer, one millionaire, one kidney recipient, one bar owner, one government worker and one blogger who loves to use many tags!!

All those people above are quite likely to read this article, and be able to identify themselves. As far as the others are concerned, there is very little indication of race, sex, ethnicity, colour, religion, class, or any of the other usual things that we use to try to keep ourselves either in a classification, or out of one. So if I missed you out, it's  either because I have forgotten (likely) or never learned enough about you.

However, I and perhaps you are able to feel some empathy with all of our readers, even if it's only feeling sorrow for the author. In web terms 'all' is an (unplanned) limited number - it appears that there is a need to be invited - so the approximately once per week blog is limited to about one hundred people and whoever they pass it on to.

If you have read this far, and have a couple of seconds to spare,  gratitude would occur if you could subscribe to the blog. It helps the ratings for The Puffington Host considerably, and will be limited to about one email per week.

So we have all these readers of mixed origins  all having something in common, if only that they remain on the blog list even after some of the earlier rants. We all appear to be prepared to spend a little time to teach and learn, and the circle of learning continues to grow slowly.
You are invited to chip in with any issues that you might like to discuss, and see who responds - we certainly have a wide variety of views, which hitherto have all been kept private. Please use the comments section freely - I can always remove it later if it gets out of hand.

I learn a great deal from the emails I receive in response to blog issues, and look forward to more of them - but again, why not post comments to the site.

However, I do understand that some of the issues are not for publication, so please also continue with the emails.

Also please appreciate that I am still experimenting with blogs, and as yet remain a novice.

What's all this to do with charity?

With the exception of a tiny minority, the people above have been providing an unfairly large share of the planet's human energy, and receiving an unfairly small share of the resultant profit. That is charity.

When the big squeeze can inevitably be delayed no longer, then this charity will be withdrawn, to take care of family matters.

So who will be left to look after all those folk who rely on money for survival?

"I am my own boss - I need no other"

Let's be hearing from you please.
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