Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Notice the name change - invitation to write

My favourite stump

 I was sitting on my favourite stump, a little away from the main group, and I said to myself:
My Favourite Stump

"If you don't tell them, who will,Will?"

So I became a story-teller.

As my stories slowly became more interesting, and more people began to gather round, I was able to reveal more detail in answer to questions like:

Are aliens real?
What is 2012 all about?
Why are there more earthquakes, floods and droughts?
Am I only a body?
Is there a God?
Why do I feel lonely?
Why was I born?

 Luckily, a wonderful angel came along, and wrote down what was said that memorable night:

Here is her first writing.

"I am living in raw conditions in the forest amongst a bunch of very unusual people, whose primary desire in life is to be left alone. Their families outside the forest have the same desire, but they are continually and incessantly interfered with by armed and belligerent people, under the guise of some kind of authority - over what and whom we know not?"

These unusual people who interrupt our lives are ignorant of the law, which is nature's law. These intruders have had to invent  more complicated laws, because they want to live outside nature's law. Their laws are meaningless to nature.

Anyone living outside Nature's Laws is an outlaw.

This community of people in the forest is able to provide for all of their own needs from the forest, and they require no outside assistance or support, thank you. However, they love visitors to add more colour to their story-telling evenings, and to help us to learn how to live without interfering with our fellow man."

We therefore invite you to provide a short story as a comment, and will publish the most suitable.

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