Wednesday, 2 March 2011

A Visionary Speaks

Lessons for the Future of Education.

The idea of school is so farcically modern.
What do we learn at school?

I have heard many wonderful answers from many wonderful students and teachers who do their best to justify their positions in life. However, we do know that true learning results only from practical experience. Reading books about swimming can never teach us to swim.

Therefore, we see that our school education results in detailed knowledge of learning to obey, telling the time, sitting on a chair and looking at a blackboard. And all that in less than 20 years.

The old schools from the modern era were designed to prevent people from learning.
The whole of modern society was based on secrecy. This enabled a few very evil and very rich men to control the lives of billions of people, who had not the slightest idea that the food they ate, the water they drank and the air they breathed had been adjusted to make them mindless, or how the technology they loved so much had been designed to distort earth's natural balance.

Unfortunately the more institutionalised and slower thinkers have not yet caught up with the knowledge that the modern era has finished, so they are trying to cling to their archaic ideas which have been proven wrong so many times in the past.

The upshot of this is that instead of the transition occurring naturally as a gentle trickling stream, it will occur as a tsunami, as so many belief systems will shatter, leaving behind many broken people.

For those interested in knowing where we are headed, the following signposts might help.

Lifestyles will be less elaborate - more simple - less stressful - less energy consuming - more peaceful - less destructive - more friendly - more loving.

Education will take place in and around the home, where neighbours will share all knowledge.

Health will become a standard part of the education process, with each member of society fully understanding the importance of good nutrition. Doctors will be replaced by health practitioners, who primarily promote healthy practices, but in the time of a personal emergency also provide natural healing methods, which will also be taught and shared. Hospital emergency rooms will still be required in case of accident, but self-healing will be commonplace.

There will be no usury, and finance will be far less important than today, it's importance being replaced by the importance of spiritual health. The money-lenders tables will be kicked over again, and money will be used solely as a means of exchange. All money gambling will cease.

Going to work
The ideas of "having a job" and "working for someone else" were created by people who wished to control others. These kind of people will receive their necessary education, as did the royalty of Laos 35 years ago. Large companies, and mass production will cease to exist, as demand reduces to a minimum. More people will have more time for themselves and their families.

More people will cease working for others, and therefore have more time for themselves and their families. Many will feel motivated to produce their own food, and permaculture food forests will spring up by the thousand. Starvation will disappear.

The energy savings created by people not going to work and not going to school will reduce much stress on the planet.Higher awareness of consumption will also reduce the need. In many sunny or windy locales, solar and wind power will be sufficient. And soon, once the 5000+ patents for free-energy devices are released by the US Patents Office, then energy will no longer create a problem.

With the demise of the institutionalised way of thinking, politics will remain at a purely local level, where everyone receives true representation. Huge national governments are no longer of any benefit.

With the new "no-office no-school" lifestyle, thousands of structurally sound buildings will become free, so there will no longer be any housing shortage, or any requirement to keep building more, at the expense of the countryside and environment.

International travel will reduce significantly, as international business will also reduce, due to the greater consumption of local products and services. Leisure travel will not be high speed, as this is too stressful.

The environment
With the demise of most present institutions, environmental damage will automatically cease.

Expect the tsunami any time in the next 12 months.
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