Monday, 14 March 2011

By an 80+ year old man withover 20 years CIA.

I was introduced to HAARP about 5 years ago...difficult to believe what I heard...and have been following HAARP ever since---have slowly become a believer...based on facts, not hearsay evidence.
  I few years a go, it was shut of the operators, unauthorized, entered the control room...did 30 minutes of "work"...turned on HAARP for 4 minutes and shut it down.  That was exactly the time the spaceship returning from the space station, disintegrated over north Texas.  The unauthorized operator...nice Muslim guy, was promoted for proving HAARP could down any flying object...such as an incoming missile.
  Many experiments have proven HAARP can indeed significantly affect the weather, causing droughts or severe rain storms causing disastrous floods...and maybe earthquakes.  The security about HAARP has been significantly increased. 
  One of the operators became very concerned, worried over what he was doing and mentioned such to some news reporters and real quick soon like had an accidental death...and everything in his apartment confiscated by the FBI...and the reporters, after visits from FBI decided not to mention any more,  one word about what they heard.
  China is quite aware of HAARP's functioning and is significantly seeking ways to prove what it strongly suspects...the droughts and severe rain storms causing so many deadly, devastating floods in parts of China that never had any droughts or severe rains or bitter cold weather far south into China last year...just too many deadly, severe weather to be fortuitous circumstance.   And much concern about the earthquake that left 50 million people homeless.  China strongly suspects it may well be HAARP because it is capable of doing so. 
  God help USA if China is ever able to prove what it strongly suspects.
  I for one, do indeed believe the Youtube story that Mr. Fulford presents.  I do not particularly care for MR. Fulford, for a number of different reasons...but this story I believe. 
  I suspect that those of you who are not familiar with HAARP and not familiar with the manner in which the CIA, NSA, etc. function...will probably find it difficult to believe what Mr. Fulford says.  The HAARP people and our "intelligence" people are indeed a breed apart and live in a world much, much different than the world you live in.  I suspect it requires some one who has lived in that believe what Mr. Fulford reveals.
  For what it's worth...I send this to you...hope some of you maybe able to believe.  God Bless.  Lee.

Please watch Benjamin Fulford, ex-Forbes reporter, now based in Japan

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