Monday, 21 March 2011

Presidents and HAARP

A Letter from a friend.

"Long ago, President L. B. Johnson asked me to do a Special Operations function for him...he suspected some of his Cabinet members and military Chiefs of Staff were lying to him.
  It took a few months and I told him I strongly suspect that they were lying to him or at the least not telling him all that they knew.  I could find no proof because there was much fear in the people whom I trusted to tell me the truth...members of Congress and some close friends in the CIA.
  I asked him if he knew of this...knew of that, he said no.  The best I could do was to prove he was not told everything he should have been told.  He found it very difficult to believe his own people were lying to him...and hiding very vital information from him. It was common practice in those days for the CIA and the NSA to not tell the Pres. or Congress much of what they were doing and there was no oversight from Congress because they had all the dirt on every one in Congress, Cabinet members and the President.  And for fear that the dirt would be "leaked" with much proven evidence...they had no choice but to allow the CIA and NSA do as they pleased.
  Long story short---Cabinet member McNamara, a few selected Congress men and the Military Chiefs of Staff...formed a unity group...a select group of men and orchestrated  the Viet Nam war...the Navy lied about being attacked by 2 Viet Nam warships in the Gulf of Tonkin...the Pres had been carefully programmed with false information and Congress was readied and declared war on Viet Nam the day after...all as planned by the Unity group members.  McNamara and military Chiefs of Staff continued to lie to the Pres. and conned him into sending more troops, year after year.  Congress finally suspected what was happening and refused to fund the war and it was over.  The Viet Nam war was not lost by USA was lost in Congress who refused to pay for it. There is more to this story than the few words I mention there are other truth stories of which I know for sure  the Pres. and most of Congress were never told.
  If someone told me that Obama has no knowledge about what HAARP is doing, I would believe that.  HAARP is under the command of the Air Force and a part of the Unity Group whose basic function is to plan and start wars...with the able assistance of the CIA.  I strongly suspect no more than 10, if that many, members of USA government know what HAARP is doing.  Some years ago they blew a hole in the ozone layer which if it did not exist there could be no life on Earth...filters out the deadly rays from the Sun.  The Media told every one the hole in the ozone was caused by CO2 and engine exhausts...which are 3 times heavier than air and is impossible for them to be sufficiently concentrated to blow a hole in the ozone layer.
  The 2 Bushwhackers, father and son are the only 2 presidents that I know of that are a part of the Unity group...who also orchestrated 9-11.  Last year, under the Truth of Information act the 2 airlines said those 2 air-planes did not fly on 9-11...proven by the Fed. Aviation records who also say they did not fly that day.  They were 2 of the 113 planes whose records, certification has been "lost" by the Fed. Aviation dept.  Many are being used by the CIA worldwide to transfer heroin, cocaine and even the lower marijuana.
  Long story short...there is a secret government functioning within the main USA government...keeping much information from the Pres. and many Congress people, who are told mostly what the Unity group wants them to know.  It is maybe hard to believe but true.

 Who do you reckon, other than the CIA, is funding and encouraging Arabs to demand their freedom from oppressive governments.  How can very poor 100's of 1000's of people demonstrate and for 3 to 4 weeks do nothing but riot, no work, no money saved...and eat well?  Some one is paying them for that...peaky boo...guess who?
  Guess who encouraged south Korea to do lots of offensive things, with USA Navy help, to north Korea hoping the north would start a war with the south...but was too smart to do so.  The north did not sink the south's ship...the whole world knows that...and finally, very quietly both China and Russia reminded USA what happened when the last Korean War was fought...and USA backed off some of it's plans, especially when Russia told USA yes, we sold torpedoes to south and north Korea...the kind we sold the south sunk the Korean ship...we sold a different kind to the north.  You want us to tell the whole world about this?  Whoops, the Unity group  changed it's plans.  So, we concentrate on Arabs and Muslims, and hopefully one or 2 of them will give us good reason to make war with them.
  I suspect that USA will no more make any kind of major war any more...lack of money and the whole world is keeping a very close eye on what USA is doing...and they will snitch the truth to the whole world.  I suspect the Unity group has just about had it...unless they can use HAARP to start a war. Enjoy.  Lee.
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