Monday, 2 January 2012

Real solution to world problems

The real solution lies in small community democracy - no representatives at all - every person making his own vote. Then there is no requirement for a house of representatives.

Only a tiny percentage of any population play big games
, the 1%. The rest of us live a life of our own choosing in which we spend most of our time and money in our local community. Local management is more practical, and has no drawbacks since technology has enabled international communication.

By concentrating more energy on our local community, it will thrive. We can avoid wasting energy on international news that has no bearing on our life. International business is decided by very few people, but even these people live in a local community. International news will become unattractive, except for the annual holiday, because the power elite will have lost its slaves.

We will be able to provide an unbiased news service which relates to our daily lives, and the freedom we enjoy. When we are aware of all that is happening in our own community, we have far more fulfilling lives.

And then at last we can be truly free, as God intended.
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