Sunday, 18 December 2011

The Chinese Dilemma

Chinese people now find themselves in a similar dilemma to the Americans, and  most people around the world - they are dissatisfied with their government. However, "the truth will out" is a well proven saying - it's always just a matter of time.

The truth is coming out about all the cheating, lying, deceiving, and manipulating that has gone on around the world in every national government since the last century , and the truth in China since the Communist take-over has been so heavily suppressed for three generations that the truth and the present story are vastly different. Now, many Chinese people have been educated abroad, many have had private time with foreign teachers in China, and many have found their way around the ridiculous Internet blockages which "The Party" uses to keep its secrets, and they have learned what the Chinese Government will not talk about..

Many reports and research papers about China are now available, and if studied they reveal an understanding which has only recently become available to the Chinese people. The trauma suffered by grand-parents during the Cultural Revolution of the Mao era is now becoming evident, and the cruelty and suppression of human rights and feelings is bubbling up and will cause an eruption of anger that will be quite life-changing. Many Chinese citizens are already aware that the truth is suppressed and that propaganda abounds,  and  a few highly intelligent people understand how the minds of the masses have been manipulated. They can see that China has been a model of mind control, and that by being subjected to a long slow process, it has become  difficult to sense that mind control is taking place, and when combined with the lifestyles and noise of modern life in China, it is difficult to fully sense anything at all. This is the cause of the apparent insensitivity of many Chinese people.

This secrecy has been so long lasting and so deep-rooted that it touches the hearts of every Chinese person every day, and has done for at least three generations. Traditional Chinese spiritualism based on Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism was destroyed during The Cultural Revolution, and now the Chinese god is Money. Every Chinese bank note carries the face of the beloved leader Chairman Mao Tze Tung, further confirming the lie with every purchase. Statues and posters exist in every major city and corporation, and still many people have the face of Mao on their living room walls, or even hanging off the car mirror.

What is going to happen when they find out that this man is the opposite of a hero and that he was directly responsible for the deaths of between sixty and one-hundred-and-twenty million Chinese people.
He was one of the greatest producers of first-class propaganda (packaging lies as truth), and as a result was able to live a make-believe life, and if anyone got close to him and tried to point out the charade, he killed them. This man was so cold-hearted that he sacrificed wives and off-spring for his evil desires. There is little question that he was suffering from some egotistical problem that resulted in intense hatred for every other human being.

Various biographies of Mao's life are readily available in bookshops and on the Internet, unless of course, you live in China. There is a huge farce that continues even today to try to keep this information from the Chinese people, because there would be a total collapse of government if too many people knew. Discussion of the topic is banned in most schools.

This is why there is what is known as "The Great Firewall Of China". Chinese people are unable to access anything at all on Google, Facebook, Youtube, and many of the sites where the truth might be found, unless they are very adept with proxies and internet.

Chinese people are now able to go shopping with the same liberties as western shoppers, with the exception of certain books and films that are unavailable. Every channel on TV is a state channel, as is every newspaper. Though satellite dishes are illegal, many are now in use.

The truth cannot be kept out for much longer, and when it becomes public knowledge that the communist party stole the country from the people, the huge outcry from the one-point-three-billion population will make the OWS (Occupy Wall Street) protests look like an experiment with mice. There is no chance that China could become a major power while ever its basis is so fraudulent.

Much Chinese money is being used to prop up the Punch and Judy show that keeps the people in the dark. They really have no idea why they are so poor in comparison to their western cousins.
The Chinese people's true government went to Taiwan, and look how that has prospered.The ruling party doesn't pass all the money to the people. Much is passed to relations of the officials. The entry in Wikipedia for the son of Hu Jin Tao reads,

"Hu Haifeng was the president of Nuctech, a Tsinghua University-owned company created in the late 1990s to make large scanners for shipping, trucking containers and railway cars, as well as luggage scanners and metal detectors for airports.
After Hu became president of the company, it was granted a near monopoly by the central authorities on the lucrative market for selling security equipment to airports in the PRC. It now accounts for roughly 90% of the domestic market. Chinese investment in airport security has risen sharply after the September 11 attacks.
In 2008, Hu Haifeng was promoted to Communist Party secretary of Tsinghua Holdings, which controls Nuctech and more than 20 other companies.[1]
In July 2009, the Namibian government charged Nuctech with corruption. The company has been the focus for repeated allegations of unfair competition in the European Union, and also for corruption and abuse of office in the Philippines. In South Africa, investigations of corruption are underway regarding a contract obtained by the company for the sale of scanners amounting to 380 million Rand (54 million USD).[2]"
The ruling party has indoctrinates students into the Chinese way, which includes cheating in exams. They are given so many exams that they get this cheating to perfection, sometimes using very sophisticated electronic means.

It's now 22 years since the Chinese people were last brave enough to confront this problem together, resulting in much bloodshed when the army cleared the capital city's main square, and since then, everyone has ignored their plight, as if they are just a different culture, or even species. The government continues to promote life as a Shakespearian tragedy.

It is our duty to spread as much truth as we can find, and one simple truth is that the lowest estimate of the number of Chinese people killed by the actions of Chairman Mao Tze Tung is sixty million, with some estimates of double that. He didn't walk a single pace on The Long March as he was carried in a sedan chair for the whole way, with many bearers dying in the process.

Yet his face is still on the money, and he towers high on statues in every city. If he wasn't so cruel, it would be laughable. This guy was so evil and power hungry that he traded food for nuclear weapons at times of famine, deliberately keeping food from the people. He closed all the schools, assassinated any scholar that showed an ability to think, and sent the rest back to work on the land.
He was so viscous that he was the most feared person in China - people dared not mention his name. It was under these circumstances that the Chinese people were forced to develop a second entity, one that would fit within the narrow confines of the Mao controlled China. This second entity was their only chance of survival, for to show their true feelings would have meant certain death.

It is rather unfortunate that this fearful way of life has continued for over three generations, because hardly anyone alive in China can remember what it is like to behave naturally. Fortunately, it is of less significance to the younger ones, and they are the ones who will find the truth first.

For those interested in further reading, write to me for a short book called
Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party  that explains everything.

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