Monday, 5 December 2011

Stress caused by the fear of change

Big changes always cause stress, and two of the most stressful events are moving house or a loss in the family. It causes less stress if we accept that these things occur as a part of everyone's life, and being fearful of them simply creates more stress.

We become attached to an habitual way of life, and though it may be far from perfect or even pleasant, nevertheless we know that survival is possible. We do not know this about any other way of life, so we are reluctant to change. In fact we fear change, because we always imagine the worst.

But that's just what it is - imagination, not reality.
We all know that our planet is going through growing pains, environmentally, financially and spiritually. We are finding change difficult to face right now, because we have become removed from nature, and as we are living like mutants in an unfamiliar place, we cling to whatever familiarity we can.

We can avoid the pending stress and pain if we realign our minds, bodies and souls  to Mother Nature. Then we feel much easier about change, because we realise that Mother Nature has already moved beyond the present stressful period that humans are experiencing, and has reached a safe haven the other side. She is now waiting for the the flora, fauna and humans to adjust to the pleasant vibrations that she is emanating. Once we truly understand this, then instead of having a fear of change, we become eager for it. And when we let the tension go, we allow the change to happen.

It is happening to more and more people each day now. Many more people are reporting seeing the white light, or having an out of the body experience which has changed their life completely. More and more enlightened people are appearing on TV, in the press, and  in videos.  Not surprisingly, these people prefer their new approach to life over their old one.

If we study these enlightened people, and observe how their attitudes and priorities have changed, we notice that they have turned to more natural lifestyles, and are free from stress and pain. This provides a good example to follow, and helps us to remove our inhibitions about trying to hang to to the past.

For those of a scientific bent, we can talk a little about the magnetosphere. We can think of this in a simple way as the water in which we swim. Einstein called it the Unified Field, and many names have been applied to it. The Unified Field has a steady rhythm that emits a fairly steady vibration. It is this vibration that supports life, and any change to the vibration gradually creates a change to life - this we call evolution.

If we are able to feel the vibration, then we can also feel the gradual change.
Whilst many people are unable to physically feel this, everyone can sense it. No-one is claiming that everything is the same as fifty years ago, or even twenty years ago. The rapid change is readily noticeable to everyone. The vibration of the magnetosphere is changing, and the rate of change has been accelerating for a long time now, shortly to reach a crescendo. This crescendo is the point at which the fearful ones come out of their houses and offices, and experience Mother Nature. This is the first step in alignment with the most recent vibrations - getting outside, and as far away as possible from all unnatural vibrations such as mobile phones and canned music. 

Just a few breaths of fresh air is enough to start clearing the cobwebs, and assist in forgetting the dream-world we think is so real. We cannot fully function if we are cut off from the vibrations of nature, and no scientist or technician will ever be able to resolve that, because nature is constantly changing.

We suddenly realise that we are not so much in need of a change as we are in need of a little back-tracking, and finding an easier path. We can be sure that once the path continues to be  incredibly difficult, then it is more likely to reveal darkness than light. It is better to return a short distance, and seek a lighter route, where we can leave behind for ever all the trappings required for extreme conditions, and live a fearless, unstressed peaceful loving life.
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