Thursday, 26 January 2012

Unenlightenment is a special case

Enlightenment is not a special attainment, because it is the natural state.

A recently enlightened person said:
"I am fortunate to have realised some important facts which had previously escaped my notice. If I had noticed them many years ago, I would be much wiser now."

This state of unenlightenment in which most of earth's citizens now live is merely a paradigm. However as a result of various power structures and secret motivations this paradigm has been brought to us in technicolour, and seems more real than ever before. The idea of unreality is not New Age WooWoo, and I hope that I can demonstrate what I mean.

There was never a truer saying than "we are a product of our environment", so in earlier years we are almost certain to think in a manner similar to those around us. Everyone wants to be one of the crowd, and anyone who thinks differently is considered an outsider, eccentric, or weird. The crowd never questions information which is common to all, so any falseties which form part of the collective understanding are constantly perpetuated and become engrained in society's woodwork as if false were true, and remain almost impossible to dislodge without great personal effort and possibly outside assistance. The old beliefs of a flat earth provide a prime example, and the later belief in mercury as a healer is a later one. A future one will be the superstitions revolving around vaccination and free energy.

If untruths are realised and released one at a time, our belief system can be gently restructured accordingly without too much pain and duress. In response to a line of personal discovery, over a period of years of research and revelation, our belief system can  shift almost completely, and eventually can access even deeper and more meaningful truths.

But for many, that time for gradual release no longer remains, and they may be suddenly presented with many unsavoury truths in fast succession. This could test the average human psyche beyond endurance. 

Once enlightened, we remain aware of what the general public thinks, because we used to think that way ourselves, and that is in our face through the mass media, but with a broader and deeper picture we can see how a lie arose and how it is perpetrated. Humans are limited by what they know, not by what they don't know, as demonstrated daily by the free thinking and straight-forward honesty of young children.

If we could throw away this cloaking mechanism that we reside under, and let  the light shine into all the dark corners, we would realize where we are creating problems for ourselves. Putting these problem-creating areas to rights removes the unlightenment.

I will try to list some of the huge hurdles that I had to surmont, based on belief system I held at age 42.

There is life after death - death is not real - we are a tripartite being of mind, body and spirit, and only the body dies completely.

There is one all-encompassing  divine energy that has been described in so many ways by so many people.

There is a small group of very wealthy people who think differently to the majority of people, yet they hold sway over the majority of people. They have no concern for human life.

Most people are good at heart - they would prefer to help someone rather than hinder someone. Those with evil in their heart are few and far between, and given sufficient help and love can soon be converted.

No special powers are required to realise these things. But special powers are required to refute them.
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