Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Let's Guess What Happens.

According to many astronomers, this is the date that the earth comes into an alignment with the Milky Way that hasn't occurred for twenty five thousand years. And there are various reports from ancient tribes which provide some insight.

We know that the earth's electro- magnetic vibrations are the driving force behind everything on the planet, and we know that the vibrations of human consciousness are fed by and reflected in those vibrations.

So to a large extent, we know that the outcome is based on the vibrations of what we think. If we are interested in our own and other people's futures, it helps if we think clearly.

The  previously recommended approaches to gaining clear thinking have included hours of meditation and the rectification of erroneous thought by truth finding, and then to discover more accurate information on which to build our improved thoughts. But this process is too lengthy for the time now remaining. Those who are still unclear require a more expedient approach.

The New Approach - to hell with it.
We are all only too well aware that we have been fed an excess of baloney, and millions of people have spend trillions of hours attempting to discover truth amongst all the lies and secrets. To hell with it. If we simply dump our strong opinions, knowing that somewhere in their formation lies a basic fallacy, then we suddenly become open to clear thinking, and can rapidly rebuild all our thought patterns, including previous habitual ones, and we can literally become the person we have always wanted to be, if we are not already.

We know that we are living through a once in twenty five thousand years event but we have little or no real knowledge of what happened all those years ago. We can safely predict that all things will change significantly, so there is little point in messing with trivia from the past. The only real truth is here and now. If every day we all build our desired future by taking some action that moves us in the desired direction, then we will all be moving together towards a better future.

We also know that the most commonly expressed desire for the future is one of peace. By making every action a peaceful one, we can build that peace. If all people involved in war actually prefer peace, and decide to walk away from war, then we have peace. It's the soldiers that make war, and the people who make their weapons and equipment, and all the people who pay taxes to fund it. If we can help these people to find alternative untaxed employment, then we can solve the problem ourselves.

Let's have some peaceful "Occupy CEO" action.
CEOs must use their own consciences on this one, but you have various groupings and chambers where group decisions can be made. If you decide to be a part of the 99%, then you will refuse to be agents of slavery, and cease extracting taxes from your employees.

Suddenly, all working people will receive a significant boost that will oil the wheels of business and provide a solution to many more of the world's problems, without the  unnecessary and expensive interference of governments and banks.

If we think clearly, we see that the bamboozlement created by the idea of central government is what has been causing so much erroneous thinking. Once we remove that veil, and look beyond government, we see just how ridiculous and unpeaceful the whole idea of being governed really is.

Let's refuse to work for any employer that takes away our money in taxes. Taxes are used to make war, and by complying with the old regime we are supporting it and supporting the idea of war, and being unwitting agents of the devil.

Instead of 'having a job' being seen as a right, it will be seen as slavery, unless the activity is really interesting and desirable which most jobs are not.

If we look at the big peaceful picture that potentially awaits us, we find that freedom removes fear. As we know that fear and love are the only two true emotions, based on the attraction and repulsion of the atoms that constitute all material things,  then we can foresee that a reduction of fear creates a resultant increase in love. With fear gone, and all people being more loving, we will change our current hell into heaven. It's all in our own hands if we will but see it.

Don't be frightened to go for it.
We must not be frightened to go for it. We have let fear hold us back for too long, and now we are able to feel the incoming vibrations urging us towards love of our fellow man, and all things on earth. Every day, especially at this time of year, and at this point in the transitioning eras more and more people are deciding to let go of fear, and are becoming more confident in themselves, and even more are being swept along with this huge flow. It is easy to see the old warlike ways as history, along with the extinction of anything and everything that supported the idea of war.

Can you feel it?
You can feel the vibrations of change too - we
can all feel that the vibrations of love are growing stronger.

So to hell with what happens  If we proceed in a peaceful and loving manner, all will be well that ends well.

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