Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Good, good, good vibrations

Every day now more people are releasing themselves from the
Good vibrations over calm waters
confined thinking created by the control system that keeps people in the box. More people are making decisions which go against the usual humdrum life of striving for happiness in a limited situation, and are escaping the dreadful fear-mongering that occurs hourly in the public media.

Waking up to alarm clocks and sitting in traffic jams is being felt as soul destroying, and so it is.

Previously people were unable to do that special something because of restrictions created by peer pressure or ignorance,  but they have always had a desire to follow their own inner feelings. The internet has enabled a vast flow of true knowledge to become available to anyone interested in finding it, and once that truth vibration has been recognised, it highlights the propaganda and fear that is disseminated by those in charge of the old planetary control system. By ignoring the old control system, so many more things become possible.

As more people break free from the mental grip of the control system, then the control system itself becomes weaker, and this in turn releases even more people into the realms of freedom. The old war-mongering control system will eventually dissipate completely.

The inner feelings of most normal sane people are for love and camaraderie, so people who use their inner feelings as opposed to peer pressure as a guide to life, suddenly find that life becomes so much simpler that it is now understandable.

There is no longer any need to wonder whether the FCUK (Fashion Company UK Ltd) emblem on your shirt has any effect on anyone, because you know that it affects you far more than it does others. Your inner feelings tell you to be independent, and to not make waves.

Avoiding waves becomes easy since most of the previous wave-making problems were either manufactured by the control system or generated out of fear neither of which are any longer in full operation.  Due to the fact that less waves are being created by other people, we occasionally experience a glimpse of the serene calm waters in which the true vibrations of nature are reflected.

People are examining their habits of a life-time, one by one. If a habit is truly beneficial, then they are working out how to improve the habit, and if non-beneficial, how to quit or rectify the habit. Therefore more beneficial actions are occurring than non-beneficial actions.

Many have said that old habits die hard, and in the past this has been true, because the surrounding vibrations in which we existed were more in tune with the body, which had become boss. However, the earth's vibrations are changing, and now we are swimming in different waters, with a completely different swimming style.

This more recent vibrational flow is charged with a higher frequency of electro-magnetism, and therefore is repelled by the gross frequencies of yore. Our minds are changing and our bodies are changing.

In addition,  we are now more often meeting people who have already by-passed the old control system, and are living on an entirely different vibrational level. Every sentient being can change to this higher vibrational level of existence if they want to. All they have to do is to realise that times are changing, and that the old and established values are in need of close examination. That is sufficient. A close examination of the modern era control system reveals a corrupt presence which our new wave-avoiding lifestyle steers clear of.

Good, good, good vibrations.
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