Monday, 8 April 2013

Quickstep to Enlightenment

This is the introductory Chapter of a book originally called Fastrack, and later called "Quickstep to Enlightenment".
This is from the time many of us started communicating together, ten or fifteen years ago.

It was written a little each week over a couple of years, and was first compiled as a web page about 2001.

Fastrack or
Quickstep to Enlightenment

1 - Introduction

Fastrack/Quickstep to Enlightenment originates as a result of the desperate emergency that befalls our planet.

We have a few years of life remaining, as we know it, after which we will experience the full consequences of our destructive actions. For too long now, we have totally ignored the warning signs, and every one of us has decided that it is someone else’s problem.

The buck stops here. In fact, everything we have ever known stops here.
We understand that many citizens may consider this an alarmist attitude. It is quite alarming; the number of people who are completely ignoring the fact that this planet has been dying for the last fifty or more years, with the rate of death increasing each year at a continuously accelerating pace? The seasons are changing, with record highs and lows every year. The human body and human mind are closing down and preparing for a lengthy hibernation.

People are staring at television and computer screens, hypnotised by flashing stock exchange figures, whilst outside the flood waters are rising, the air is becoming unbreathable, governments are murdering innocent women and children, and every natural law points to the fact that the majority of the population has lost its balance of mind. How can people be so unconcerned?

How can they be planning for their retirement thirty and forty years hence, when they will not live that long? How can they occupy most of their time performing trivial duties in order to increase their bank account, and then occupy their "spare" time either sleeping, or conducting some pointless activity that reduces the bank account? What a perverse way of living, with no benefit accrued at the time of death.

Therefore, we need a rapid way of getting out of this hole, and that is what Fastrack is all about. We believe that Fastrack can provide some of the answers that help to maintain a steady progress towards our goal of enlightenment. 

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