Thursday, 1 September 2011

The Libyan War - Unabridged.

The plan that created this war was the same plan that has created many wars, and was prepared many years ago. It has now been repeated so often that it seems almost fail-safe.

The first step is to create a rebellion using these now well proven methods.

A few "intelligence" agents live in significant  towns and slowly get to know the people.  Then they carefully talk to some of the local dissenters, gain their confidence and present some opportunities to form a dissenting group and if they agree, many plans are made and money and armaments are supplied.  This is a long term and carefully planned program. The "intelligence" people must be very careful, especially amongst Arabs, because there are government people all over the place watching for some foreign "intelligence" person to announce himself.  Western nations have had no Intelligence people functioning in the Muslim countries since 1980-81.  All those countries have their own people out amongst the populace, looking for some dissenter to start some trouble.

The foreign intelligence people are Muslims who live a regular Muslim life and must be very careful with whom they associate, and very careful about how and whom they approach with their plan to help them revolt.  Once the revolt starts and many people support such, then the intelligence people can come out of the closet.

Once dissent has broken out, top operatives from Mossad, CIA, MI5, SAS etc, in a coordinated operation, *slip unnoticed out of their helicopters in the middle of nowhere, march into the nearest town, be it Nottingham, Baghdad or Tripoli, meet with the resident operative, and stir up whatever trouble they specialise in, knowing that they are armed to the teeth and are regardless of danger from the flimsy weapons available to normal villagers and townsfolk like you and me as we go about our daily business. These operatives also know that their actions are immune from law or punishment**, and that they are to put on the best show they can produce with whatever is available, as it will be a main feature on TV later that evening, and their heroism report is dependent on it.

Schools and hospitals become prime targets because of the emotion involved, and the occasional wedding party or funeral certainly adds colour and imagination.

Once contact with the governing press agent on the ground had been established, and the story book scenes discussed and understood, the operatives  ***gather by hook or by crook whatever props and people are necessary to create whatever is necessary in terms of fire, smashed hospitals, charred bodies, beheaded children, or whatever hell and mayhem the film producer can imagine.

The scenes are shot, edited and photo-shopped as necessary, then fed to one of the Rothschild-owned press organisations such as Thompson Reuters or AP, who feed Murdoch and similar, and the news of the dictator's disgusting behaviour is announced to the world.

The publication of these scenes is invariably sufficient to arouse attention, and to generate hate towards the targeted regime.

Suddenly, within hours, a peaceful lovable village neighbourhood teaming with innocent people is turned into mayhem as rocket fire hits the head-man's house, and by apparent coincidence, the cameras are already there to film it. One famous terrorist is then pronounced injured,  captured or dead, dependent on the next episode, and that's a wrap.

The next episode depends on a compromise between the film-directors imagination, and the Rothschild instructions.

Watch this space.

The Rothschild's are rapidly becoming an endangered species, and should be treated the same as the polar bears - shoot 'em or save 'em - you decide.

Remember the SAS motto - He who dares wins.

*If you live near Hereford, UK, or stay for a few days, you will see a very low flying aircraft with its bay doors open. This is known locally as "the boys returning. Their wives then rush into town to the SAS offices, to meet their husbands in immaculate suits as they finish their working day at the office. The cut between these two scenes is when these highly-specialised paratroopers jump out and land on the football field, from whence they go to the changing rooms. This occurs tens of times each year.

** A regular email correspondent was a long time CIA operative, and he confirms this immunity. He explained to me exactly how he managed the enter the Vatican's private vaults to discover required information for his boss the head of CIA. It is likely that the request came from his boss's boss, the House of Rothschild.
*** I once shared house with an ex SAS operative, who revelled in stories of stealing cars in Ireland, and similar boyish activities, which were done just to relieve boredom. And we all clearly remember those stories from Basra where where British specialist forces were caught by local police while wearing Arab disguise, and driving a loaded car bomb.

See video Be Wary of Digital Deception! This shows how they do it.

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