Sunday, 11 September 2011

9/11: An Interview with Gerard Holmgren by David West, June 27, 2005

On this day ten years ago, some powerful criminals persuaded the world that 19 Arabs had been able to bypass airport security in three different airports, taken over 4 jetliners, with only box cutters as weapons, performed aerobatics that are near impossible for even the most experienced pilots, collided with the twin towers causing them to free-fall from standing to nothing in ten seconds, for one aircraft to disappear into a hole in a field a fraction of its own size  and another through a hole in the Pentagon also a quarter of a jetliner's size, meanwhile evading all Pentagon video and bypassing all Pentagon security measures yet for the named pilots to survive to appear in interviews later, with not one single aircraft part ever being found.

If you still need convincing of the hoax, please read on.

First lets recap on the official story of what happened to four planes that morning.

AA 11 left Boston for LA at about 8 am, was reported as hijacked about 8.25, and hit the Nth Tower at about 8.46.

UA 175 left Boston for LA at about the same time, was reported hijacked at about 8.55 and hit the Sth Tower at about 9.03
AA 77 left Dulles for LA about the same time , was reported hijacked at about 8.55 and hit the Pentagon at about 9.45
UA 93 left Newark for SF at about the same time, was reported hijacked about 9.45 and crashed in PA at about 10.10.


The Bureau of transportation website contains search pages, where one can pull up detailed statistics about the history of which flights have been scheduled for which airports on any given day.


Go to
(please note - these records have first been falsified, and later removed completely as expected, but I did see them with my own eyes - and it is likely that someone has a copy of them. sorry David)

and click on "detailed statistics" where one can search records of scheduled and actual departure times, arrival times, diversions and cancellations by departure airport, arrival airport, airline and flight number.
Searches for Sept 11 2001 reveal that the flights AA 11 and AA 77 did not exist.

They were not scheduled that day.

Further explanations, including an interview between myself and the researcher who first discovered this information, at

And as begins to be expected once this is known, we need to know
what happened to these four huge planes with four huge engines each which supposedly were smashed - not one single identifiable part, engine, or black box has ever been found - and this never happened before with any plane that has crashed into deep water.

And the final insanity is that the official li(n)e is that the steel structured concrete clad buildings collapsed not only in an an amazing replication of
controlled demolition but that this happened to three buildings on the same day, one of which wasn't even hit by a plane. There are no records  of any steel structured building having collapsed as a result of fire, ever, anywhere in the world.

It is quite amazing how many mind-controlled people actually believe this claptrap, and still believe that theitr government has their interests at heart - with today's ludicrous last ditch effort for the old regime to stand, who can continue to live in denial (which is not a river in Egypt)?
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