Friday, 29 July 2011

The Indecisive Pragmatist.

We have all compromised our true selves much further than the Great Wall of China.
We are a mere shadow of what we should be - much like the world's factual government.
If we are on the service-to-others side, we humble ourselves and stifle our wants in order to bring assistance and pleasure to others in greater need, much like a nurse or Buddhist monk.
If we are on the service-to-self side, we rarely truly relax, much like Rupert Murdoch.
In some places, like China, this compromise is right up front, much like Dolly Parton.
Each Chinese person has developed a fake image of themselves, like a superstar on steroids, and they spend their entire life trying to be that fake image - allowing nothing to cause anyone to realise this fact. Loss of face must be avoided at all costs, whether morality is involved or not. I ask, which face is it that is being lost - the real one, or the fake one?

Fortunately, in the same way all around the world, a few people are beginning to awaken to some true realities, and at first they are becoming extremely angry that they had been hoaxed - thank you Mr Murdoch.
When their anger dies down, they will make alternative arrangements, and continue life with no central government telling people how to behave, yet misbehaving themselves more than anyone else - that model just does not work, and we are all realising it just now.

The new arrangements will be far simpler, less costly, and less destructive, rather like a walk in the park.
The new arrangements will place decision making amongst those who are truly aware of the problems, unlike the misrepresentatives in government today.

The new arrangements will be bottom up, starting with you and me. What do we need from government?

Each one of us can name many things we do not want from government, but the usual backstop is security - from what I ask?

On the one hand we have inbred psychotics controlling our affairs much like the ,n s and Rockefellers, and on the other hand under-bred irresponsibles who need the aforementioned, like those with the mentality of a prison warder, such as secret services, armed forces and police.

However, for the remaining six point something billion people, we need neither psychotics nor irresponsibles.

It is now easier to answer our opening question - what do we need from government?

Absolutely nothing, but if they continue to insist on giving us something, make it no more and no less than peace.

Nothing ever must allow government to disturb our inner peace - self government is the only way. If I am able to govern myself, I need no other government.
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