Saturday, 2 July 2011

The anti-conspiracy virus

(Satire): A meeting of eminent thinkers recently concluded that there is indeed a plague. As had been predicted, it is a plague that affects the mind, and only after much debate during the meeting did the true cause become evident.

The plague has been called "The anti-conspiracy virus", and unfortunately, the only known cure is reincarnation.

Somehow, a mind virus has entered the belief systems of many people, quite possibly through vaccination or ELF broadcasts on
mobile phones and wifi transmissions, or maybe genetically modified food, or even nuclear radiations, chemtrails, or fluoride in the water, causing these people, who are the kind to place more belief in public affairs than they do in their affairs in public, to be generally quite unknown, and to tend to toe the party line. Unfortunately, they do this with no knowledge of who the party is, or why the line was placed there, but for them, overstepping the mark is a heinous crime.

In order to assist them, it might help if they know that the line they are toeing extends to eventually form a square, and then a cube, inside which the toer lives.

They tend to consider any one or anything that is not bound and tied by the limits of the box to be somewhat strange, if not downright insane. They are often educated by similar thinkers, and frequently employed by press, TV and film companies, which is a great aid in keeping control inside the box. Unfortunately, outside the box, there is total anarchy, which is seen to be wrong!

Of course, this message will receive little attention inside the box, but will hopefully present a possible view to my colleagues-in-seeing, who will encourage others to read this blog or forward this email.

The anti-conspiracy virus causes thinking along the following lines:

I know nothing of it, so I don't think it's there.
I can't see it, so I know it's not there.
There's something wrong with your eyesight.
You are insane.

And so they continue to live in blissful ignorance, yet retain the power to breath, eat and vote.

We all know that the time is nigh, and I truly feel that we must now begin to realise that it is too difficult to teach pigs to sing.

However apparently, no-one is about to meet their maker, until they meet themselves.
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