Sunday, 6 September 2009

A message from the Galactic Federation to The New World Order

Dear brothers, We would like to offer our most sincere thanks for the successful efforts that you have made to prepare earthlings for the Great Change. Of course the piddling changes proposed by yourselves, such as formalising your ownership and control of the planet are quite out-trumped by the Laws of The Galactic Federation. The Universal Laws do not allow so few to destroy so many. Most of your plans will be foiled as gradually one piece of technology after another begins to fail during the magnetic field fluctuations (and fluck to you Europeans too!!) of the universe, and similarly every single one of your conniving schemes will be laid open at the feet of the public. The mayhem that you have caused over the centuries, and particularly over the last fifty years does have some entertainment value, but otherwise appears to have had no benefit towards the evolution of the human race. But now the time has come. The planet is about to go through a huge evolutionary upheaval, the size of which will make Niagara Falls appear like a three-year-old boy's wee-wee! This happens from time to time you know, and it usually coincides with a period when the most advanced species has lost respect for the planet, and somehow considers itself to be superior to the planet. Of course that kind of tiny-minded insanity is unsustainable as will be proven within the next twelve hundred days. The belief that humans are superior to nature is as insane as the belief that the earth is flat, but it will take much less time for the realisation than was required for Galileo's ideas to be heard and welcomed. For many members of the human race, consciousness has already expanded to incorporate the necessary understanding for the times following the upheaval. All traditional institutions will have disappeared. The earth will be as virgin territory, with very few people, and very few animals. This will be like a rebirth, and those who have the ability to understand what is happening will be still in the same body, with full and complete memory of the fiasco created by the previous eras of mismanagement. The experiment in governance was obviously a dismal failure, and is therefore unlikely to be repeated again in the future. Many advanced civilisations on other planets have found that small inter- dependent communities of about five hundred inhabitants provides the ideal living environment. These five hundred make their own rules and laws within the guidelines of a much higher morality, which appears naturally once the oppression of a few dominant people on earth has been removed.
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