Saturday, 29 August 2009

Why are these words not in your spell-checker?

If you like this story, you might like to help me circulate it. I don't see how it can harm anyone. Try sending this latest story to your doctor, for example. I'll give you two words that are not in your spell-checker. (with sincere thanks to for the use of their most accurate history on the web) The question is: Why are these words not in your spell-checker? The words are 'chakra' and 'permaculture' The latter is a recent word. It has been in use for only twenty seven years, so we can maybe understand how all the spell-checkers and electronic dictionaries missed it. And chakra is a sanskrit word: not many modern word 'things' include sanskrit. Chakra was first written as an English word more than one hundred years ago, and understanding what chakras are and how they function is absolutely fundamental to understanding how the mind, body and spirit interact with each other. Our spiritual specialists, the priests, rabbis, vicars, mullahs and anyone who purports to represent a pathway to divinity never mention chakras. Our psychiatrists and all those who purport to be experts in the mind never mention chakras. Our doctors and nurses and all those who purport to be assisting the human body never mention chakras. How can the English language be so devoid of a word that describes a 5000 year old method of truly understanding the human mind, body and spirit. Is their a hint of conspiracy in the air. If so, this conspiracy must be so huge as to be mid blowing. Impossible! But is it? Let's just theorise for a moment. Let's just imagine that in 1848 someone decided that they would like to take control of the US medical system. And then let's imagine that this someone's family started to make a fortune in oil. Let's imagine that an important member was born into the family in 1839. Now let's imagine that over a twenty year period elite American students of Wundt in Germany return and become heads of psychology departments at Harvard, University of Pennsylvania, Cornell and all major universities and colleges. It would seem to me that by now, the world would be steeped in the Wundt system. Guess what. There are no chakras in the Wundt system! Now let's imagine the proponents of this Wundt system setting up various foundations which conduct all manner of evil experiments, yet the people believe that they are charitable, because they think the Wundt system is the most advanced known to man. It has never been the most advanced system. It has never dealt with the tripartite mind/body/spirit complex in a holistic way. 1890 Andrew Carnegie writes a series of eleven essays called "The Gospel of Wealth", a treatise which essentially stated that free enterprise and capitalism no longer existed in the United States, because he and Rockefeller owned everything, including the government, and that competition was impossible unless they allowed it. Eventually, says Carnegie, the young children will become aware of this and form clandestine organizations to fight against it. Carnegie proposes that men of wealth form a synthetic free enterprise system based on cradle-to-grave schooling. The people who advanced through schooling would be given licenses to lead profitable lives. All licenses are tied to forms of schooling. This way, the entire economy can be controlled and people have a motivation for them to learn what you want them to learn. It also places the minds of all children in the hands of a few social engineers. (German System). And they all lived happily ever after. You know those miracles and psychic healing things that we have all heard about, but are certainly no too sure about. Well how were they done? Right - a detailed knowledge of the chakras makes it possible for anyone to do these things, and if we did have a conspiracy, then the conspirators wouldn't like everyone to know about that, would they?
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