Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Blind as bats and deaf as door posts

It would be a rare person nowadays who hasn't heard about the conspiracy to take over the world. It would be a rare person nowadays who hasn't seen the take-over taking place right in front of their eyes, or on the TV. It would be a rare person who isn't aware that the banks are leeching huge amounts of public money. It would be a rare person that hasn't questioned our education systems. It would be a rare person who hasn't questioned our medical systems, religions, military strategies, food, water, and mental make-up.

It would also be a rare person who has listened hard to what has been said, and thoroughly seen into what has been shown, and is now able to cut through all the mists and clouds to an understanding that makes all the above a laughable farce.

There are still many who are so dumbed down that they scoff at the very thought of the afore-mentioned truth topics, but a greater number who simply ignore them, and live in denial. They are as blind as bats and deaf as door posts, and often quite arrogant with it - they are totally unable to listen to a word of truth which might even vaguely challenge their belief system.

This is because they believe that they ARE their belief system, and therefore believe that any questioning of the belief system is a direct personal challenge. A little meditation alone for a few years will put that problem to rights, and this then provides the ability to discuss aspects of the belief system in an open manner, a facility previously protected and even fought over.

So it can be demonstrated how narrow-mindedness begats narrower mindedness.

I think the topic of UFOs and aliens probably provides an excellent example, with belief systems ranging from "aliens don't exist" to "I am an alien's mother, and have lived on Mars".

Who is right depends on how much the correct answer challenges their present belief system. If the real truth is too far away from the current belief system, it cannot penetrate, and thus continues to be ignored, but more strenuously. Unfortunately, this approach can only work for so long, because eventually the denial becomes so difficult and eventually impossible, that stress causes serious mental problems, and natural evolution ceases.

So I write to try to help my friends to avoid this meaninglessly stressful end, yet they continue to scoff. 

However, I will continue - they are friends.
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