Thursday, 9 June 2011

Be Wary of Digital Deception!

Be Wary of Digital Deception!

Having watched this, I am now convinced that every news video shown on TV is fake. Why would anyone go to the expense of sending journalists all around the world when the scenery can be brought to them cheaper?

Also, by using scenery from past archives, and actors as main players, it is quite possible to portray any story at all, and have the majority of people in the world believe that it is true.

This is the ultimate mind-control weapon, clearly in demonstration for all to see.

Why do they do this?

See our next blog - Why purvey fear?

This was a real education for me - I am wiser through watching.

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With special thanks to Bridget from YourTube News

Be Wary of Digital Deception!

You must see this! Does this make you wonder how much footage from prominent world events is fake? How much fake news are we fed? Dictators, terrorists, riots, revolution beamed into our living rooms as part of on-going psychological warfare against the masses? Is this a conventional war of tanks and guns and bombs in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya or is it really all part of a sustained psychological war on the minds of every single person on the planet?
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