Friday, 27 November 2009

A Converstion with Gaia.

R:"Good morning Gaia, happy birthday. Do you have any problems?"

G:"I am becoming a little disillusioned with parasites."
"I am becoming even more disillusioned by a tail which keeps trying to wag a dog. Parasites are OK to a certain extent - we all had to start somewhere. But when one section of a parasitic species becomes overbearing, to the detriment of the remainder of the species, and subsequently to all other species, then something has to be done for overall survival."

R:"What choices are there?"

G:"There are two options available".

"First, and preferable, is to fix the obvious design faults in the over-bearing species. The second, and less desirable, is to eliminate the species. The possible third option of reducing the numbers of this parasitic species is illogical, because the same design faults will still exist, and reappear. It's either repair, or destroy."

R: "How urgent is this problem?"

G:"I think the urgency can be easily demonstrated by the fact that those who are considered the leaders of the parasites are gathering together to discuss the speed at which it is acceptable to destroy me - they consider this to be an important decision for their future".

R:"So you are saying that we are at a very serious point as far as the longevity of the human race is concerned."

G:"You can say that again. And again. And continue to repeat until those decision makers hear the words.......we are at a very serious point as far as the longevity of the human race is concerned."

R:"Is there any advice you would like to give to the leaders?"

G:"Yes, along with many of those further-seeing parasites who are not listened to, I would like to give some advice to these leaders. Quit eating and annoying me, or you will be extinguished - a terrible decision on my part, but there is too much at stake to allow this to continue."

R:"Do you have anything to say to those humans who do not believe that you are a living, breathing, thinking entity?"

G:"Yes, they are from the blood-line of the race which took three hundred years to believe when told "The Earth is not flat!". They are in serious need of maintenance and repair. There are major problems with their humility, respect and symbiosis generators."

R:"Do you have any advice for those non-leaders planning to go to Copenhagen."

G:"Yes, there is only one reason to go to Copenhagen and that is to be an eye-witness to the mass insanity and to record the identity of those who are the most insane. Then we can institute some sort of rehabilitation program for them. There is no other way possible - this destruction must stop."

R:"Thank you Gaia. We look forward to a further interview at the close of the Copenhagen discussions."
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