Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Victoria Beckham's flabber was completely ghasted

The Puffington Host achieved an accolade by turning one million dollars into three hundred million in five years without ever having to publish a word of truth.

Shares in BTI News for sale = low price to early bidders.

Victoria Beckham's flabber was completely ghasted when a voice told her that she was responsible for allowing a free spirit to manifest, whose goal was world-wide spiritual enlightenment. A little more respect from the parents and public would be appreciated as we witness the fourth coming.

The American government continues to use the American people, and their money, to forge pipe lines through foreign countries, while secreting away over 5000 patents for machines that would provide free electricity from the chi and prana energy that is a part of everything around us.

Our Egyptian readers are encouraged to commence shovelling all of your excremental government into that waterway built by the sweat and blood of your own people. It is yours. The world owes it to you. Do with it what you like. It is the solution to all your problems - your wildest dreams could come true - go for it.