Wednesday, 31 March 2010

There is another way.

There is another way.

This article is written from the background of a successful business owner who went in search of more - and believes he found some of it.

Whilst many of the trials and tribulations along the way were probably necessary as some form of wake up alarm, nevertheless, with a little more information and understanding, some of them could have been avoided.

I'll share the punch line now.

We could be kind. To ourselves, others and any form of nature.

If we accept that we are not perfect, then we can accept that mistakes are inevitable. This is how we learn.
one possible step/stroke/thought/achievement/profit, (use your own values)
is to dispose of some grief.

If we are genuinely trying to do our best (and who isn't?), then at any one time we make the best choices available to us. We can all look back in history, and, in the light of today's knowledge, we can see that many decisions could have been improved upon. This is merely a mark of our progress, and definitely nothing to grieve about.

We all have the wonderful abilities provided by 20/20 hindsight, but few of us have mastered the technique of alchemising this into foresight. Yes, if we set our sights that high, we could consider ourselves as a failure. Similarly, if we compare ourself to the truly influential people in our society, we might also consider ourselves a failure.

But not everyone wishes to spend their lives trying to influence others, despite all that we may have been indoctrinated to believe, by our parents, schools, employers, churches, friends, governments, media and society in general who are mostly indoctrinated with the same same set of imaginary beliefs.

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