Thursday, 7 January 2010

Happy New Era

We all have differing views on UFOs and aliens, and for sure the information available is confusing. There is obviously a considerable amount of disinformation distributed as a result of the necessity to keep the whole topic under wraps. But it appears that the wrapping has run out, and we are all about to look inside.

This is ironically being called 'Disclosure'.
It is quite likely that there will be an announcement within a few days that UFOs and aliens do exist.

There is unlikely to ever be an announcement that the aliens are superior to ourselves both mentally and spiritually, and have grown out of their earthbound childhood days long ago. It is very doubtful that our illustrious leaders will kowtow to these far-superior beings, and no kowtowing will be demanded.

However, the superior logic and infinite love that these beings demonstrate will make most of our current efforts appear absolutely pathetic.

Once our eyes have opened, we will no longer be able put up with the childishly egotistical stupidity that has been controlling this planet for far too long.
War is peace..I ask you?
Unfettered killing of fellow beings is the factor which limits the ability of humans to progress - the vibrations are far too low. No-one can take off and fly when they are wearing concrete boots.

We have to clear the air - we have to know the truth - we have to allow our journalists to show us what they have seen.

The first thing that is required is a new TV service, which uses present technology, but totally ignores the old ideas. Anyone wanting the old ideas can stay with the old TV stations.
On these new TV stations, there are no regular presenters, no superstars, no hourly news, no actors, and literally millions of channels.

And all that is required in investment is a few dollars worth of switching machinery and software.

What am I talking about -

Yes, the ability to select from your own home, any one of the millions of on-line video cameras that now line our streets, and watch what is happening right now anywhere in the world. No need to listen to twerpy hustlers presenting their theories - we can form our own once we have the facts, and can get round all the photo shopping and video fakery, and get back to real life.

When we wish to observe aliens, we will have 57 channels to choose from, one for each alien species on earth, and each channel will automatically circulate through several hundred different cameras until one is selected. When we can see people being abducted from their own beds, see cows actually being mutilated, see a crop circle as it is actually being formed, see the technicalities of a UFO, watch aliens mating, ride in a UFO, and have a conversation with a kind and loving alien, then there is no need for all the propaganda and rabbitting that goes on in today's media - we no longer need to constantly have other people's views rammed down our throats. We will actively reject the mind control overtures, cut our ties completely with the regular propaganda channels, and only turn on 'Truth TV'.

Happy New Era.